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Saturday, December 15, 2012

University of Chicago : Who Sent This Awesome Indy Care Package?

Finals may be coming to a close, but for Indiana Jones, the adventure is only just beginning! Earlier this week, the University of Chicago -- the school that the fictional Dr. Jones studied at -- received a mysterious package containing all sorts of homemade Indy memorabilia addressed to one Henry Walton Jones, Jr.
Check out some of these goodies, as revealed on the UChicago Admissions tumblr:
The twist? No one at the admissions office knows where all this awesome stuff came from. Was it a Paramount rep? A generous Raiders fan? A hopeful college applicant? For all we know, it could have been from Spielberg himself. And it sounds like UChicago is as stumped as anybody:
"What we don't know: Why this came to us. The package does not actually have real stamps on it -- the outside of the package was crinkly and dirty as if it came through the mail, but the stamps themselves are pasted on and look like they have been photocopied. There is no US postage on the package, but we did receive it in a bin of mail, and it is addressed to the physical address of our building, Rosenwald Hall, which has a distinctly different address from any other buildings where it might be appropriate to send it."
So, if you happen to know who might have sent this, U of C is asking for your help in identifying the glorious person responsible. Feel free to email "with any answers, clues, thoughts or musings to"
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